A global leader in the world of metal surface finishing equipment


GPAINNOVA started its activity in Barcelona (Spain) in 2013 with the aim of providing solutions in the field of industrial equipment development and commercialization.

GPAINNOVA is a company looking to create, develop and produce the most effective solutions for industries ranging from surface finishing industries with DLyte and MURUA or marine preservation with GPASEABOTS.

Nowadays, based on the enormous success obtained with one of our first products in the market and specific demands of potential clients, we are currently specialized in the design and construction of machinery for metal finishing.

“We are reinventing the way manufacturing teams are able to produce high quality metal surfacing.”

Our Mission

Our goal as a corporation is to develop, produce, and commercialize advanced surfacing machinery, accessories, and media using electropolishing technology. We want to be able to provide outreach to every country, in every sector of the industry.


GPAINNOVA has succeeded in creating a cost effective, environmentally friendly, and time efficient technology for surface finishing.

Our Vision

We want to provide a unique solution through the leaps and bounds made in technological advanced surfacing.


Our focus is on electropolishing technology that automates, simplifies, and standardizes post-processing of various metal parts.


We want to further improve the finished products with our specialized surface finishing technology.

Our Team

Our company’s outreach has expanded to:

  · More than 125 employees

  · Three brands

  · One spin-off for marina preservation

  · Three regional sales subsidiaries

  · More than 400 customers around

    the world

  · More than 50 accredited sales partners


We seek to offer process development, on-site consulting, production setup, and technical services, as well as spare parts and consumables.

Our Milestones


March 2013

GPAINNOVA established to automate

advance metal Surface finishing

February 2015

MURUA was launched as the first passive-layer electropolishing desktop machine

February 2016

DLyte and Drylyte technology is born

March 2017

DLyte 10 and 100 became the first pieces of machinery created for dental applications with DryLyte Technology presented at IDS 2017 which yielded great results

June 2017

New headquarter location was

established in Barcelona

November 2017

first ever presentation of DLyte for industrial

applications at FORMNEXT exhibition

March 2018

GPAINNOVA delivered 300 MURUA

machines in the market

April 2018

A first subsidiary opened up in the USA

to expand the American market

September 2018

DLyte receives the TCT Award for excellence

in Additive Manufacturing Post-Processing

October 2018

DLyte machinery is released

for Titanium and Nitinol

November 2018

DLyte launch for dental labs, being able to complete

the product needed for smaller laboratories’ needs

December 2018

DLyte granted 1.7 million euros for research and development of DLytePRO project by the EU

June 2019

A second subsidiary opened up in Hongkong

to expand Asian Market

GPASEABOTS, spin-off of GPAINNOVA was born

to provide a technological response to various

problems in the marine environment

September 2019

First presentation of DLyte 10,000

modular solution at EMO Hannover

November 2019

First presentation of DLytePRO500

at FORMNEXT, the most advanced

surface finishing machine on the market

December 2019

A third subsidiary opens to expand

the Chinese industrial market

March 2020

GPAINNOVA ranks 76th in the Financial Times FT 1000 Europe's Fastest Growing Companies

April 2020

GPAINNOVA launches RESPIRA Device to automate and remote control resuscitation bag designed to manually assist breathing.  

“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 850192“


C/Caracas 13-15 Nau 6



Tel: +34 931 256 536

Fax: +34 934 318 271

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