Top 10 Highlights of GPAINNOVA in 2023

20 February 2024




After confirming its business figures for 2023, GPAINNOVA looks back on this and other achievements of the past year. Despite global tensions with a significant influence on markets, including conflicts in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip, the business group navigated successfully. Key highlights include the release of innovative machines and solutions for surface finishing, earning new awards, leading roles in research projects focusing on new metal treatments, a strategic partnership to gain presence in the Chinese dental market, active participation in the most prestigious trade shows, and the celebration of the corporation’s 10th anniversary. These paramount moments, summarized within the lines that follow, encapsulate GPAINNOVA’s achievements over the last 12 months.


1. Setting Again a Financial Record: €35 Million, a 34,6 Percent Increase Over the Previous Year

GPAINNOVA (GPA Tech, S.L.) once again set a new annual turnover record in 2023, reaching €35 million. In terms of EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization), it consolidated results within the DryLyte Group, totaling €7 million.

This marks the seventh consecutive year of record-breaking performance, with a €9 million increase from 2022 (+34.6 percent). The 2023 figure is 58 times higher than 2016 (€600,000).

DLyte Chemicals, part of the DryLyte Group, generated €4.3 million in revenues and €1.8 million in EBITDA in 2023. Pau Sarsanedas, CEO and co-founder, highlights these figures “as a testament to the group’s core business success and the maturity of their project”.

In 2023, GPAINNOVA expanded its presence in the industrial sector and international markets, securing machinery sales in 40+ countries on five continents. Foreign trade constituted 96 percent of total turnover, emphasizing the commitment to sustainable business expansion, especially in key markets like Germany, Brazil, the USA, and Asia. All of this underscores the company’s commitment to sustainable commercial expansion.

2023 GPAINNOVA's revenue

2. Among the Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies for the 4
th Consecutive Year, According to Financial Times

GPAINNOVA announced in March its 4th consecutive inclusion in the Europe’s 1,000 Fastest Growing Companies list, as curated by Financial Times and German data provider Statista. The annual ranking recognizes companies with exceptional revenue growth over the three-year period ending in 2022.

In the latest edition, GPAINNOVA achieved the 373rd position in Europe and a 10th position in Spain, reaffirming its status as the 2nd European company and the foremost in Spain within the mechanical engineering sector.

The company’s outstanding performance is highlighted by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 73.1 percent, doubling the minimum requirement of 36.5 percent. Additionally, GPAINNOVA achieved an absolute growth rate of 419 percent.

GPAINNOVA at the FT Ranking 2023

3. New Products and Technologies

In 2023, GPAINNOVA introduced new machinery and solutions within its core business area of metal surface finishing.

DLyte Multiprocess

At EMO Hannover 2023, held from November 7th to 10th, GPAINNOVA unveiled its latest groundbreaking innovation, DLyte Multiprocess. Tailored for companies seeking to automate high-volume production, this machine employs the patented DryLyte Technology to enhance precision in metal polishing. The installation seamlessly integrates critical processes, including cleaning, rinsing, and various solution treatments, within a matrix cell, eliminating the need for human intervention. Notably, the DLyte PRO500 machine supports both single and dual cores, facilitating parallel processing, and offers enhanced automation with a robotic loading system and intelligent storage, enabling up to eight cycles for increased autonomy, and efficiency.

DLyte Multiprocess allows for the simultaneous execution of multiple processes, enhancing operational efficiency. The system further meets diverse operational needs through various working tank configurations that support up to five tanks. Additionally, the installation boasts advanced automation capabilities, featuring a robotic automatic loading system integrated with an intelligent intermediate storage system.

DLyte Multiprocess

DLyte Hybrid Finish

One of the developments presented at Formnext 2023, in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), was DryLyte Hybrid Finish, a patented advancement that expedites surface finishing, elevating material removal speed while providing a multitude of advantages such as enhanced speed, high precision, low material removal, high-resolution finishing, and simultaneous passivation of the surface. This new process enables automated post-processing of metal parts, bridging the gap between surfaces with waviness or macro-defects and those essential for functional or aesthetic purposes.


Multi-Material Finishing Technology

Showcased also at Formnext 2023 for the very first time, this DLyte’s technology post-processes multi-material parts to perfection while preserving their distinct characteristics. This milestone was possible thanks to the collaboration with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft IGCV, pioneers in advanced manufacturing. Attendees at the aforementioned trade fair were able to witness this innovation firsthand with a demonstrator featuring Steel (1.2709) and conductive Copper CW106C.

Multimaterial Finishing Technology

DLyte 10 PRO

GPAINNOVA has recently expanded its repertoire of machines and solutions for surface finishing cemented carbides. The latest addition to this lineup is DLyte 10PRO Carbide, a DryLyte technology-based metal surface finishing equipment designed for companies with medium manufacturing volumes. This innovative machine employs a combination of planetary movement and vertical back-and-forth motion within the electrolyte media-filled drum. It is suitable for treating materials within the hard metal, steel, cobalt-chrome, titanium, copper-based, nickel-based, and aluminum groups. The DLyte 10PRO Carbide stands out with its advanced PLC-based electronics, enabling the application of asymmetric pulses necessary for processing carbides and a diverse range of materials across various frequencies and parameter concatenation. The system also provides precise control over holder rotation speed and direction, ensuring uniform results by applying movements precisely to each piece within the batch.

DLyte 10PRO

DLyte Mini

In March, at the IDS 2023 trade show in Cologne, Germany, GPAINNOVA unveiled DLyte Mini, the market’s lightest polishing machine designed for dentistry. This ultra-compact device offers an economical solution for dental laboratories seeking automated polishing processes with minimal investment, ensuring high-quality and consistent results in a single 20-minute step. Featuring a plug-and-play system and an intuitive user interface for user-friendly operation, DLyte Mini utilizes DryLyte Technology to achieve mirror-finish results for CoCr dental implants. With the capacity to polish up to 2 removable partial dentures (RPDs) per work cycle, it includes a polishing unit and a two-stage cleaning system for comprehensive rinsing and electrolyte removal. This compact system automates and consolidates multiple traditional steps, reducing costs by up to 80 percent, allowing treatment of inaccessible internal cavities, respecting complex geometries and tight tolerances, and standardizing production with proven biocompatibility and easy waste management. Priced under €10,000 and requiring no special pre-existing electrical or compressed air installation, DLyte Mini is an affordable and accessible solution for any dental company due to its compact size and weight (669 x 708 x 400 mm, 30 kg).

DLyte Mini

New Formulations and Processes for Aluminum

GPAINNOVA has recently launched new formulations and processes for aluminum, presenting for the first time solutions for treating this metal, including commonly used aluminum alloys like AISi10Mg. These innovations facilitate the treatment of aluminum pieces, unveiling fresh possibilities for this versatile material.

GPAINNOVA's New Formulations and Processes for Aluminum

4. Three Strategic Partnership with Leading Companies 

GPAINNOVA inked three strategic alliances aimed at fortifying its expansion strategy. On October, a collaboration agreement was formalized between GPAINNOVA and Chamlion, a cutting-edge company in the field of dental 3D printing. This partnership designates Chamlion as GPAINNOVA’s exclusive dental strategic partner in China, leading to the establishment of a joint venture to collectively research, develop, and promote metal dental product surface finishing technology.

At its turn, GPAINNOVA America, the Florida-based subsidiary, entered a strategic partnership with Elliott Matsuura Canada, a prominent player in the industrial sector, appointing the Canadian company as the distributor for GPAINNOVA’s DLyte metal surface finishing equipment in Canada. This collaboration aims to provide more efficient and reliable digital solutions for the dental industry, driving its digital transformation. Additionally, GPAINNOVA solidified another agreement with Indicate Technologies, a leading provider of advanced manufacturing solutions on the American West Coast. This partnership, established through a distribution agreement, seeks to expand their presence in advanced manufacturing within the US market, focusing on key sectors such as medical devices, consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, dental, and jewelry.

GPAINNOVA's Partnership with Chamlion

5. GPAINNOVA is Widely Awarded and Recognized

GPAINNOVA received in 2023 various national and international recognitions thanks to its innovation capabilities. In February 2023, GPAINNOVA secured the title of the Most Innovative Surface Finishing Group at the European Enterprise Awards 2022. Moving ahead to September 2023, the company earned a nomination for the Advanced Manufacturing Awards 2023, specifically in the category of Best Product Design and Development Innovation, recognizing their exceptional solutions in polishing tungsten steel. Subsequently, in November 2023, GPAINNOVA accepted the Technology Innovator Awards 2023 in the Best Metal Surface Finishing Innovations Company category, a recognition presented by Innovation in Business. Simultaneously, GPAINNOVA attained distinction in the CEPYME 500 program, affirming its status as one of the fastest-growing companies in Spain.

Lastly, SEABOTS, GPAINNOVA’s specialized marine robotics spinoff, received its recognition as a finalist at the Metropolitan Business Innovation Awards 2023, within the Industry 4.0 category, an award presented by the City Council of Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona).

These accolades highlight GPAINNOVA’s consistent commitment to excellence and innovation across diverse sectors.


Metropolitan Business Innovation Awards 2023

6. GPAINNOVA Celebrates its 10th Anniversary 

On April 24th, GPAINNOVA celebrated its 10th anniversary with a special event dedicated to innovation in the industry. Hosted at its headquarters in Barcelona, the event brought together approximately 150 companies and professionals. Lluís Juncà, the Director General for Innovation, Digital Economy, and Entrepreneurship at the Government of Catalonia, attended the celebration. He emphasized the business group’s innovative character, its noteworthy size, a feat achieved by only a few companies, and its commitment to sustainability.

The event featured a panel discussion on industrial innovation moderated by Joan Ras, SDLI partner, and ESCI-UPF innovation professor, with contributions from Esteve Almirall, Esade professor; Anna Casals, Head of Innovation at the CELSA Group for Spain and France; Diego Fernández, Gellify Iberia’s CEO, and Carles Puente, co-founder of Fractus and a patents expert. Additionally, four workshops, led by the Secpho deep-tech cluster, addressed technological challenges in the surface treatment of metals and marine robotics, attracting participation from over 60 technologists.

GPAINNOVA's 10th Anniversary

7. Getting the Most Out of AI in Surface Finishing

The year 2023 has also been significant for GPAINNOVA from a research perspective. In fact, the business group’s AI4Electropolishing project, supported by the European Union through the Next Generation program, is nearing completion. This initiative aims to harness artificial intelligence (AI) in creating digital tools for identifying anomalies in dry electropolishing processes. Employing virtual sensors and digital twins as representations of objects or procedures, the system autonomously detects and addresses potential issues. The incorporation of algorithms within the configurations allows users of GPAINNOVA’s DryLyte Technology to optimize, control, and automate their processes, ultimately ensuring optimal results.

AI Research by GPAINNOVA

8. The DryCoat Project: Achieving Success in Coating and Anodization Research

GPAINNOVA has entered the realm of coatings. Spearheading this shift is the European project DryCoat, financed with European funds and driven by this business group, the Austrian company Bionic Surface Technologies GmbH, and the Spanish research center CIDETEC.

DryCoat’s primary goal is to develop a safe and sustainable process for treating metallic surfaces. The project aims to replace liquid electrolytes with solid ones, integrating seamlessly into production systems. Testing includes anodization and wet coating processes, offering benefits such as environmentally friendly procedures, consistent surface finishes, ecological electrolyte recycling, and reduced waste disposal costs.

GPAINNOVA’s TestLab is successfully testing anodization processes across DLyte machinery, achieving a full color palette. Simultaneously, coating with copper salt is explored for applications in jewelry and medical implants.

The project, running until December 2024, emphasizes effective and safe surface treatments. Eurostars funding of €1,020,037.50 supports this initiative, aligning with the European program’s goal of backing innovative projects for small and medium enterprises. The Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) oversees these grants, fostering nationwide innovation and technological development.

The DryCoat project by GPAINNOVA

9. Noteworthy ISO Recognitions Attained

GPAMEDICAL, the medical devices division of GPAINNOVA, successfully completed the initial follow-up audit for ISO 13485 certification. It consists in a globally recognized standard for quality management systems in the medical device industry. The achievement of this certification underscores GPAMEDICAL’s and its business group’s commitment to delivering high-quality products and services to customers, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to the highest standards in the medical industry.

This accomplishment follows previous recognitions, including DLyte Chemicals receiving the ISO 9001:2015 award in October 2021, Steros GPA Innovative, SL securing the same in July 2022 and the extension of this seal to GPAINNOVA’s power electronics start-up, POWER INNOTECH, in 2023.

The ISO 9001 certification will enable GPAINNOVA to reach new clients where quality is a crucial factor in meeting international standards, while the ISO 13485 certification supports the RESPIRA project on an international scale.


10. Attending about 50 Trade Shows Worldwide

In the past year, GPAINNOVA participated in around 50 international trade shows across the dental, healthcare, and industrial sectors, either as an exhibitor or in collaboration with local distributors. Among the notable events were Formnext, the primary trade fair for additive manufacturing (AM) and industrial 3D printing, hosted in Frankfurt am Main, Germany; MECSPE, the world’s premier trade show for the manufacturing industry, held in Bologna, Italy; IDS, the preeminent global trade fair for the dental community in Cologne, Germany; and Global Industrie, the largest industrial exhibition in France, located in Paris.


GPAINNOVA attends the most important trade fairs worldwide



Established in Barcelona in 2013 and with subsidiaries in USA and China, GPAINNOVA is business group specializing in metal surface finishing, with DLyte and MURUA brands; marine robotics, with SEABOTS; power electronics, with POWER INNOTECH, and medical devices, with GPAMEDICAL. It has more than 180 employees, 60 distributors and more than 1,000 worldwide clients. GPAINNOVA has been chosen by the Financial Times as one of the 1,000 fastest growing European companies for the fourth consecutive year.


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