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Our mission is to reinvent the way fabrication teams can produce high-quality metal surfaces.


We create, develop and produce the most effective solutions for industries ranging from surface finishing with DLyte and Murua, to marine preservation with GPASeabots.


Nowadays, based on the enormous success obtained with one of our first products in the market and specific demands of potential clients, we are currently specialized in the design and construction of machinery for metal finishing.

The first high-performance invasive ventilator based on the automation of a manual resuscitation device.  The Respira device allows controlling and monitor the key parameters of ventilation.
It has been designed to work continuously and intensively. It has different ventilation modes, giving it great versatility to treat patients in different phases of invasive ventilation.


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analysis and conceptualisation

Do you have a project in mind? You need resources? At GPAINNOVA we bring together scientific and technological knowledge to make the most innovative projects successful, developing them from start to finish in all their stages. We analyze case by case and transform your idea into practical and useful solutions thanks to our experience.


and development

From idea to product, we try to optimize all available resources to provide an outcome where the value is its greatest exponent. With the constant technological monitoring, in order to know the latest developments in the industrial world, and the CAD tools necessary GPAINNOVA offers to its customers all kinds of innovative solutions in product development.


All our projects have a manufacturing perspective. This is why we provide all the tools necessary for this purpose. We provide a comprehensive monitoring process. From the advanced management tools for 3D drawings, to optimization of manufacturing processes, research of strategic suppliers, prototyping and production monitoring.


Once we have the product ready to be manufactured, and having followed the strategies of the project, it's time to introduce the product to market. We develop users and maintenance manuals, design and development of packaging, as well as the proposed distribution / promotion, monitoring and post-sale technical support.

Our Brands

Electro-Finishing Systems for Jewelry

Murua is the first passive-layer electropolishing desktop Machine in the market. Focused on Jewelry sector.

The New Concept of Polishing

Dlyte is the first dry electropolishing system on the market focused on dental, healthcare,  aeronautics, automotive and industrial sectors.

Our Projects

Floating technology for the knowledge and preservation of the aquatic environment.

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