Slide GPAINNOVA is a technological platform based on the design and implementation of multidisciplinary innovative projects. They aim at energy efficiency, the conservation of the environment and the improvement of people's well-being through efficient solutions.



On behalf of the entire team, I am pleased to welcome you to our corporate group’s website.

GPAINNOVA not only aspires to develop a commercial activity: it wants to be a learning space, where to share initiatives and ideas and create the necessary synergies to make them a reality. Our goal is clear: to be the spearhead of the creativity and innovation to lead the changes for a better future.

We strive to be a springboard, a technological platform, a unique environment where we can make possible the design, the development and the implementation of innovative technologies and products; where we can build the future.

The information we have gathered on this website will help you get to know us better and understand what moves us. We understand engineering, the discipline around which GPAINNOVA revolves, as an opportunity for constant, useful and creative innovation, as a way of thinking, applying and creating without limits. We set ourselves the goal of entrusting our mentality and our attitude to the rest of society.

We hope that with all that you will find in these pages, you can discover and be part of GPAINNOVA environment.


Pau Sarsanedas i Millet

Co Founder and CEO of GPAINNOVA

Slide GPAINNOVA was founded in Barcelona in 2013, legally constituted as Steros GPA Innovative, SL, in order to provide solutions to various strategic challenges in the field of product design and the development of industrial applications. The entrepreneurial team is made up of four founding partners: Pau Sarsanedas, Pau Guasch, Arnau Garrell and Gerard Tordera.


GPAINNOVA from the beginning


GPAINNOVA strives to become a global benchmark for industrial applications and lead the way towards efficient solutions. It aspires to be a technological platform that makes its expertise and extensive resources available to design, develop, and distribute innovative, disruptive, and value driven projects available to entrepreneurs. GPAINNOVA must be consolidated as a laboratory of ideas. Since its foundation, its goal has been to become a springboard for companies and professionals who are limited in implementing their projects, and to have a strong calling to respond to all industrial sectors.

GPAINNOVA’s activity focuses on the creation and development of industrial machinery and innovative technologies that respond to the needs of any economic sector. The goal is to revolutionize the industry with cost-effective and efficient technologies.


GPAINNOVA was founded with the objective to revolutionize the industry by creating cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. All the technologies we create offer the highest quality, and are created with the aim to improve the everyday of customers in different industries.

The group has been a pioneer in the application of the first dry electroplating system, with the DLyte and DryLyte brands. It currently carries out projects in the field of marine robotics, with GPASEABOTS; medical devices, with GPAMEDICAL, and high-performance electronics, with POWER INNOTECH. Nonetheless, it plans to expand its actions to other strategic sectors, such as water treatment, the aerospace industry, the electric vehicle and renewable energy.


At GPAINNOVA our values are aligned to our mission. It is our responsibility to put in practice our highest ethical and professional standards in everything we do.

  • Technology, at the center: We provide training tools to the human team so that they can incorporate them into the projects in which they participate.
  • Innovation: is what drives GPAINNOVA’s success. We always embrace change in all the solutions we create to provide the highest-quality technologies, and measure it with our client’s success, satisfaction, and competitive advantage.
  • Creativity: To strengthen creativity in all the levels of the organization in every way. Whether it is a challenging time or a new idea to be proven useful, employees are always encouraged to contribute to innovate.
  • Quality: To always pursue excellence in all our products, services, and customer experience during the buying and after-sales process.
  • Respect: To always act with honesty and respect with all our co-workers, customers, and partners. The trust and humility we have for each other, strengths performance and culture


Headquarters- Barcelona

C / Maracaibo, 1, naus 2-6, 08030, Barcelona

The new GPAINNOVA Headquarters based in Barcelona, were inaugurated in April 2021, to properly enable the project to continue growing among its five warehouses that make up a total of 6,000 sqm, and to accommodate the companies that are part of the GPAINNOVA group. The building, designed to give prominence to green and renewable energy with the photovoltaic panels installed, has also green spaces inside and outside the offices combined with modern wood and glass furniture and natural elements, to give priority to the entry of natural light into all the buildings. It is fully equipped with the latest technology and machinery, and even includes new services such as: dining room, gym, training rooms, and open spaces to improve employee experience at GPAINNOVA.


15491 SW 12th St. Suite 405, Sunrise, FL.
Florida 33326 (USA)

GPAINNOVA America is the subsidiary of GPAINNOVA, located in Florida, United States. Founded in 2018, the team consists of five employees that market the products and services of MURUA, DLyte, and GPASEABOTS in the United States and Canada. GPAINNOVA America’s facilities count with a testing lab, and a showroom to demonstrate the products of the group. It is also responsible of all the partnerships with distributors, companies, and fairs located in North America.


Unit 2204, 22/F, Lippo Centre, Tower 2, 89 Queensway,
Hong Kong

Founded in June 2019, GPAINNOVA Asia is, along with GPAINNOVA Shenzhen, the division dedicated to market, provide technical support, promote, and install DLyte and the shipping of GPASEABOTS products to Asia.


Room 1311,Fl. 13, Building  2A, Skyworth Innovation Valley II Building, Tangtou No1 Road, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Inaugurated in December 2019, GPAINNOVA’s second delegation in Asia was strengthened in 2020 with the incorporation of four technical and commercial professionals. The offices are located in Baoan District of Shenzhen, on the central coast of Guangdong Province.

The delegation to Shenzhen is an important step in GPAINNOVA’s expansion strategy into the Chinese industrial market, a key piece in the world’s second largest economy.

Company policy

What makes us different?

GPAINNOVA is ready to make any technology-based project a reality and to respond to the needs of investors and creators. The company can manage the complexity of the projects, from the conception of the idea to the implementation of the product and the introduction to the market.

The organization is also different from other companies in its sector: it is transversal and open, and is based on the sum of the knowledge of bright minds with the expertise and capabilities of a specialized multidisciplinary team, motivated to achieve goals quickly and maximum efficiency.

The company has generated an organic system that allows it to grow while keeping the lines open and integrating new ones. This is possible thanks to the coordination of a heterogeneous group of professionals, with diverse training and experience, but highly committed to a common goal.

In the words of Pau Sarsanedas: “One of the limitations and shortcomings of Catalonia is not having cross-cutting capacities grouped in a single entity, which could be GPAINNOVA, to make large-scale projects a reality.” Faced with this scenario, the group wants to respond to these needs.




Industrial Engineer from the University of Girona (UdG) and European Specialist in Adhesives from the Fraunhofer IFAM (Germany) He has managed companies with high innovation components and has led the industrialization and marketing of projects in various sectors, also developing team management functions.

  • CEO and Founder of SARSCH, SL (Acralock distributor for Spain and Portugal)
  • Director of R&D at Alte Transportation, SL
  • Design Engineer at Supramollecular Systems, SL, an engineering and production company for electropolishing machines for jewelry
  • Computer Engineer at the Applus certification center





Multiple brands within the group have received prestigious national and international awards and recognitions within a short period of time since GPAINNOVA was founded.

In September 2018, the DryLyte Technology was awarded the TCT Award for Excellence in Additive Manufacturing Post-Processing. This solution is currently used by more than four hundred customers to automate polishing processes and achieve a high-quality metal surface finish. A year later, GPAINNOVA received the CEPYME Award in the internationalization category and the Pimec Jove 2019 Award, aimed at small and medium-sized companies. In 2020 and 2021, it was featured in the Financial Times ranking of the fastest growing European companies, as the first industrial goods company in Spain. GPAINNOVA has also accessed Horizon 2020 grants, a program that makes funding for European research and innovation.

Regarding GPASEABOTS, this company received in 2019 the 2nd Award from the Nautic Tech International Investment Forum, and the Sustainability Award in the Design and Innovation Out of Series Awards, promoted by the Spanish publishing group Unidad Editorial, S.A. On the other hand, GPASEABOTS has obtained funding from the Spanish Center for Industrial Technical Development (CDTI).

Nowadays, four GPAINNOVA’s companies and brands —Steros GPA Innovative, DLyte, POWER INNOTECH and GPASEABOTS — received the Innovative SME seal, created and promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. It is given to those SMEs that have received public funding for research, development and innovation (R+D+I) projects, and those having proven their innovation capacity.

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