Slide GPAINNOVA’s main activity revolves around the creation
and implementation of solutions for the treatment of
metal surfaces which were the group’s first commercial
product. There are two brands linked to this line of
business: DLyte, for dry electropolishing and MURUA for
liquid electropolishing of precious metals.

Slide Visit the Website Metal Surface Polishing DLyte, based on the patented DryLyte Technology, is the world's first dry electropolishing machine for the most common industrial metals and alloys. It automates, simplifies and standardizes the post-processing of metal parts, improving the finish obtained with traditional polishing systems.

Slide Electropolishing Solutions for Jewelry MURUA is the smallest machine in passive layer technology to work with gold, silver, copper, brass and palladium. This machine allows grinding and polishing in a single step, providing a mirror finish effect. The MURUA is suitable for jewelry components containing minerals, diamonds or gemstones. Visit the Website

Slide Visit the Website Medical Device GPAMEDICAL is the spin-off created during the COVID-19 pandemic, to provide technological solutions and machinery to the medical sector. Its first product, the RESPIRA Advanced, is the first invasive ventilator based on the automation of a manual resuscitation device able to perform assisted ventilation modalities.

Slide Visit the Website Marine Robotics GPASEABOTS is the spin-off that creates Unmanned Surface Vehicles, filtering buoys to capture microplastics, and hybridizes recreational boats to facilitate the exploration and preservation of the marine environment.

Slide Visit the Website Power Electronics
POWER INNOTECH focuses on the implementation of applications related to high-performance electronics, in areas such as e-mobility, aeronautics, water treatment or renewable energies.

Slide Chemicals Develops and manufactures the consumables of the DryLyte Technology used in the DLyte machines. It also plans future production resources based on the group’s growth plans, and works directly with the Test Lab to carry out all the necessary functions.

Slide Visit the Website Adhesives Advanced adhesives based on a structural methacrylate biocomponent with maximum chemical adhesion to most surfaces, providing a permanent or assembled lock made up of steel, aluminum, high-performance composites, and further materials.

Slide At GPAINNOVA we are always looking to reinvent the industry by providing the most forefront technologies in all the solutions we create. As we innovate, we create all our solutions by applying our extensive engineering knowledge, industrialization, and R&D.


The expertise across all the engineering departments in the group has been fundamental to create all the products and technologies currently on the market. At GPAINNOVA, the engineering team plays a crucial role in determining the complexity, efficiency, and execution in all the projects, as well as the constant improvement of the product’s performance.

Currently, there are more than 30 engineers across all the engineering departments in the GPAINNOVA group, that take on the challenge of creating efficient solutions.


Industrialization tasks bring vision, strategy, methodology, support, leadership and organization to GPAINNOVA. It is a very important part for the group as it helps combine it with digitalization and innovation, used in our products.

All the manufacturing occurs in our headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, where we develop and customize all the rapid testing, prototypes, and build our products.

Research & Development

GPAINNOVA works every day to increase the sum of internal know-how to develop and improve all the new applications and technologies.

The company has state-of-the-art research and development facilities with the Test Innovation Lab in Barcelona, and with the DryLyte facilities in Olot, Girona. By developing internally all our products it helps us get a competitive advantage, and work on the product from the beginning.

GPAINNOVA plans to keep investing in R&D to deliver the most advanced solutions and drive the future growth of the group.

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