Commitment to People

People are the most valuable asset of GPAINNOVA. Therefore, we work every day to promote their full integration into the company and enhance their professional growth. We develop policies that have equal opportunities, that are non-discriminatory, encourage cultural diversity and socio-labor inclusion as their central axis in all areas.

We also adopt measures that facilitate the integration of groups in situations of social vulnerability for socioeconomic reasons, special abilities or academic preparation, hand in hand with leading entities within the not-for-profit organizations.

Environmental Commitment

At GPAINNOVA we create solutions to protect the planet, and it is a core value in our company. We truly believe in acting as a responsible business, and continuously work towards becoming a more sustainable company.

In our industrial processes we work towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing circular solutions, and creating renewable energy solutions. We believe that new technologies can be an invaluable ally in solving the ecological crisis, and that’s why we incorporate this philosophy into our processes.

Circular Economy

GPAINNOVA is fully committed to the circular economy. This economic model, based on the production of goods and services in a sustainable way, aims to limit the consumption of energy and raw materials, reducing at the same time waste generation.

This philosophy seeks to move from the linear economy (extracting, manufacturing, using and throwing away) towards a more sustainable model that prolongs the useful life of machinery and products for as long as possible.

Green Architecture

With the opening of the new offices in Barcelona in April 2021, GPAINNOVA takes another step in its action plan to integrate clean energy into the company’s day-to-day life.

The new building has been designed to give prominence to green and renewable energy; It has green spaces inside and outside the offices and has photovoltaic panels. It also combines wood and glass, natural elements that are integrated into the structure of the offices, and the entry of natural light has been prioritized in all the warehouses.


Quality is one of the group’s priorities, both in its products and services. For this reason, the organization worked hard to obtain the ISO 13485:2016 standard seal for GPAMEDICAL and, in October 2021, DLyte Chemicals, the company that manufactures and markets GPAINNOVA’s electrolyte, became the first brand to be awarded ISO 9001:2015. In July 2022, Steros GPA Innovative, SL, also achieved this seal, which was also extended in 2023 to the three GPAINNOVA’s companies specializing in power electronics: Power Innotech, Sheala, and Laradorren.

ISO 9001 will allow GPAINNOVA to access new clients where quality is a fundamental element to respond to international standards, and the ISO 13485 is the international certification that will support the RESPIRA project.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

GPAINNOVA promotes an inclusive environment and effective communication to enhance the well-being of everyone. It offers a variety of services for its staff, such as subsidized daily meals, book lending, flexible remuneration options… The company organizes internal events to celebrate special anniversaries, festivities such as Sant Jordi, the arrival of summer, and Christmas. Additionally, we carry out charitable actions and promote volunteering by collaborating with NGOs and local non-profit organizations. Furthermore, we foster sustainability by promoting recycling, reducing waste, encouraging energy saving and the use of non-polluting transportation. We also provide training and education in sustainable practices, actively collaborating with educational entities on socio-labor insertion programs.

Our strategic CSR plan is based on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (2015-2030), an initiative by the United Nations to continue the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Of the seventeen objectives considered, GPAINNOVA is implementing fourteen.

  • A) Governance area: Includes 10 actions focused on corporate culture, business ethics, communication, and transparency with stakeholders.
  • B) Labor area: Comprises 6 actions to enhance employee well-being, training, and professional development.
  • C) Economic area: Encompasses 2 actions focused on quality, excellence, and sustainable procurement.
  • D) Social area: Features 1 action aimed at improving employee well-being, training, and professional development.
  • E) Environmental area: Consists of 5 actions focused on combating climate change and promoting circular economy.

Reinventing Surface Finishing

MURUA became the first passive-layer liquid electropolishing technology for precious metals, and the DryLyte Technology, the world’s first dry electropolishing system, which has been used in the DLyte machines ranging from ultra-compact machines to mass production, providing solutions in the Dental, Healthcare, and Industrial industries.

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A New Breath in Emergency Ventilations

In the middle of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, the group developed the RESPIRA Advanced, the first high-performance invasive mechanical ventilator based on the automation of a manual resuscitation device able to perform assisted ventilation modalities, collaborating with Barcelona’s top-health institutions, and specialized partners.

Sustainable Engineering for Marine Exploration and Preservation

GPASEABOTS  facilitates the analysis, preservation, and restoration of the marine environment to a sector that has always been affected by operational barriers. It has also been able to reduce emissions from recreational boats by developing the first automation and hybridization technology, obtaining many innovative and sustainability awards.

Creating Efficient and Green Energy Solutions

POWER INNOTECH is applying to new areas technologies that had traditionally been used exclusively in very specific sectors. By integrating POWER INNOTECH into the group has opened new lines of business in strategic sectors related to sustainability, such as water treatment, energy management of hybrid and electric vehicles and aerospace research.

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