DryLyte, S.L., files second patent infringement complaint to defend its IP rights

14 September 2023




GPAINNOVA, a leading innovator business group in the metal surface finishing industry, announces that on September 6th, 2023 its affiliate DryLyte, S.L., filed a second complaint before the Regional Court of Munich, in Germany, against a competitor for infringement of the following Utility Models 20 2017 007 610.1, 20 2017 007 605.5, 20 2017 007 607.1 including inventions within the family of European Patent EP 21 18 5357.7. The patent relates to a method for smoothing and polishing metals via ion transport by means of free solid bodies. This technology is part of the core innovations created by GPAINNOVA and it is implemented in several of GPAINNOVA’s products. This decisive step has been taken to safeguard the interests of the company, its investors, partners, employees, distributors, and inventors.



GPAINNOVA is confident in a favorable outcome of these proceedings aiming to preserve its intellectual property (IP) rights and uphold the values that have driven its success.

Pau Sarsanedas, GPAINNOVA’s CEO and President, commented: “This action is a further step in the protection of our company’s valuable assets and the hard work of our team. Our goal remains to bring innovative products to the industry, and we believe that respecting intellectual property rights is crucial to fostering a healthy and competitive environment for innovation”.

As the legal proceedings of this second patent infringement complaint commence, GPAINNOVA will continue to focus on its core mission of developing groundbreaking products and services. The company remains confident in its ability to overcome this challenge and emerge stronger, better positioned to serve its customers, partners, and stakeholders.

For more information about GPAINNOVA and its brand DLyte and its commitment to innovation and ethical business practices, please visit www.gpainnova.com or www.dlyte.com or contact us at info@gpainnova.com.



GPAINNOVA is a technology group established in 2013 in Barcelona, with subsidiaries in Sunrise (Florida, USA), Hong Kong, and Shenzhen (China) and specializing in surface metal finishing, with its brands DLyte and MURUA. GPAINNOVA has a team of more than 180 professionals on staff and more than 40 engineers, more than 60 distributors, and more than 900 worldwide clients and more than 950 machines installed. GPAINNOVA has been selected by Financial Times among the 1,000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies between 2020 and 2023.


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